Halloween 2014

well, what can I say? We still keep our tradition of no Valentines, only Halloween 🙂


This year I decided to go as Mystique from X-men.. (I know I know somehow I ended up looking more like Avartar or one of the Smurf) lol Mystique is a hard one to do!

Accompanied by Mr. Gru from Despicable Me here.. same as last year, we celebrated our Halloween at Clarke Quay:)


check out other amazing creative people we ran into that night:)




and the superheroes!

IMG_3409-Edit IMG_3407


credit Wonderwoman @s0ton9 for this pic  it was nice meeting you and superwoman @cinfool too:)  Thank you for helping us take pictures!


IMG_3402 IMG_3401

IMG_3368 IMG_3369 IMG_3366


photo (1)this photo is credited to this lovely devil @whosgsalcedo

Here comes the Wolverine!!!!!

IMG_3399-Edit IMG_3400

IMG_3398-Edit IMG_3392-Edit

My Blue twins!

IMG_3364 IMG_3362


(this photo repost from @curlytraveller check out her cool blog at http://www.curlytraveller.com )



and we are home!


IMG_3428 IMG_3429-Edit



IMG_4293 IMG_4292

IMG_4291-Edit IMG_4272 IMG_4271

and.. that’s a wrap! good night! happy halloween everyone! see you next year!

IMG_3440 IMG_4305

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  1. Wow, you took a lot of cool pics! And a lot of great ones with urselves in it. We forgot about that most of the time:-(. Oops, I mistook you for Avatar girl…well, anyho u looked super cute and cool!

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