In the S(e)oul part I


HELLO! Seoul:) it takes only 4 hours from Bangkok to Seoul, and here I am! posing on the stairs of the National Museum ( here is the location: 137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu,SeoulSouth Korea) This museum has more than 20 million visitors each year!  I think it was so much fun but because this museum is VERY big! the information i read/learned that day from the museum was a bit overloaded.

1151040_10151809024555412_472357382_n 17778_10151809024495412_1573306316_n

We took underground there:)  Very clean and not so crowded! i am impressed:)

the photo on the right is so cute! the bunny looks sad, sitting alone on the bench with a sign that says “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” lol 🙂 love this, right?


Found various cute colorful art asI was walking to the train station from the Plaza hotel we were staying.


It’s a rainy season, but who needs am umbrella when you look up to the sky and found this!

More pics here 🙂

1005229_10151809024115412_1975819582_n                                   581795_10151809023840412_644570746_n


This photo is taken in the lobby of the hotel (the Plaza) very creative walls!

Nite nite u guys, will post more asap! thanks for stoping by:)

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