Love Is In The Hair

i am obsessed with this!

The Fashion Medley

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My prior plan regarding my wedding attire was to wear a rustic halo (a la Valentino) or a floral/leaf crown with a romantic simple lace dress. Then I got caught up on 20’s inspired gowns and accessories and that was when I started looking for vintage – more specifically flapper – headbands. That meant I had to search everthing with rhinestone, pearl or feather. At that moment, I started thinking about a juliet cap veil, if Kate Moss had used one for her wedding, it must be the ultime wedding accessory. And you  have to understand, because I changed my mind every second about my wedding gown AND my hair for the day, the search for the perfect wedding accessory kept on and on.

Then, at a moment I really can’t remember when or why, I decided to wear a simple tiered short tulle veil. When I look at my…

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