What You May Not Know

Gretchen Leary

It may seem odd for someone with Aspergers to offer a social suggestion but it’s time.

I want to quickly touch on something big for me. I just want to reassure you that 1) I already know I am high functioning, 2) know I don’t act like the Hollywood stereotype of Autism, and 3) I know you probably mean well.

But here is the thing: Someone telling me I don’t seem like a person on the Autism Spectrum isn’t a compliment to me even if it is meant that way. To me it completely devalues all the hard work I do to internalize a lot of things that might make you think otherwise and things I have learned to handle over time.

But let’s not dwell on this. There is a simple solution to this. Instead of telling me it doesn’t seem like I have Aspergers, although those who say…

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