what is a PsyD program?

Many many people come up to me and ask “so, Chana, what do you do?”  Every time I reply “I am a PsyD student”, people went.. WHATTT? “what’s that?”. So I decided to out some basic info about Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degree program.  PsyD is a professional doctorate degree intended to prepare graduates for practice in psychology.

Earning the degree was originally completed through one of two established training models for clinical psych.  However, currently the program is no longer limited to Clinical Psychology as several professional schools have begun to award professional doctorates in Business Psychology or Organizational Development. (I am pursuing the Clinical Psychology one as we speak)

The degree is usually abbreviated as Psy.D. in the United States and Canada.  In the United Kingdom and Ireland it is often abbreviated as ClinPsyD.  In Australia it is often abbreviated as D.Psych.

The focus of the Doctor of Psychology training model is on the application of this knowledge for direct clinical intervention (this is why it is different from a PhD in Psychology)!!. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, as well as cognitive and emotional impairments in which psychological approaches may be of use.

Doctor of Psychology programs take four to seven years to complete.  Students in Doctor of Psychology programs receive extensive clinical training through placements in various settings (e.g., community mental health centers, hospitals, college counseling centers).  Clinical training culminates in a 1,750-2,000 hour (1-year full-time or 2-year half-time) supervised internship. (that’s………………… a lot of supervised work)

wish me luck pls!



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